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In this page you will find Frequently Asked Questions About Our Products And Services, Find the answers to all our products and services on the right panel.
Where Leander products were made?

Leander products were design in Denmark and manufactured in Romania.

What is the warranty period of Leander products?

Leander provides a three-year guarantee for all wooden and metal parts, and a two-year guarantee for all textile elements and Matty the changing mat. All guarantees apply to faults and defects in materials and construction.

What materials used in Leander Bed?

The Leander Bed is constructed from solid laminated wood which means that each bed will be unique and slightly different.

The mattress doesn't fill the bed after the package is unpacked, what should I do?

We used vacuum packaging for our comfort and premium mattress, It is recommended to stretch it and leave it for a period of time to restore it to its normal shape.

There are little gaps in between the top and bottom of the bedend.

Because all solid woods are unique, there might be a 1-2mm gap in between the top and bottom of the bedend. it's within manufacturing tolerance.

There are some squeaky noise when my child sleeping on the bed.

If you found the squeaky noise coming from the bed, it might be cause by improper installation especially of the bed base. It is recommended to contact the retailer or after-sales for installation instructions.

I’ve found the surface of the mattress board is different than the exterior of the bed.

Unlike the exterior of the bed, the wooden mattress board of the bed has not been treated.

I've found some dark dots or grain on the mattress board.

Leander bed was made with solid Parisian beech wood, all surfaces are carefully polished and treated. If you found some dark dots or grain on the bed, thats the texture of the wood itself.

Can I wash the cover of the ORGANIC mattress?

The cover for the ORGANIC mattress is not intended to be taken off. However in the event where one needs to, please understand that some of the coconut coir fibers inside the mattress may fall out.

How to wash the bumper cover?

Leander bed bumper was made in 100% cotton, we suggest washing it by hand with cold water. Stretch before drying to prevent material shrinkage.