It’s time to decorate the perfect space for your little bundle of joy. But what to choose? You’re eager to make the right decision – but perhaps you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed. Linea by Leander® is a children’s furniture range that embraces the beauty of solid craftsmanship while empathising with your need for unique features. Every piece of furniture in the range is tailored to make parenting a little easier. Without compromising on great design.
Baby cot
Crafted for the quality-conscious design lover that knows great design is in the detail
Three flexible settings that allows your cot to grow with your child
A good night’s sleep with an original quality Leander® mattress that suits your child’s need
H: 90 cm W: 65 cm L: 132 cm
0-6 months
6-18 months
18 months - 3 years
3 years +
Base raised to baby position
Base lowered in toddler position
Base lowered in toddler position One cot side is removed
Classic and timeless sofa, perfect for both a child’s bedroom and a modern living room
Changing table
The perfect station for hanging nappies, washing, snuggling and playing with your baby
Adjustable to fit your need and height
Timeless Scandinavian design that effortlessly combines function with aesthetics
H: 88 cm W: 60 cm D: 70 cm
Keeps small and big items in order
Three roomy drawers with soft close to protect curious fingers
Timeless Scandinavian design with beautiful crafted details
H: 85 cm W: 100 cm D: 50 cm
We create furniture that challenges materials and makes a difference to you and your child. To do so, we continuously explore new paths and new expressions.

In Latin, the word Linea means line. The name is thus a strong reflection of the angles and lines that are distinctive of the Linea collection. But it is also feminine. Sophisticated. And soft.

Linea is contemporary design with an edgy look. It’s tailored to fit an urban lifestyle. The innovative design of Linea by Leander® is not an attempt to keep the classic and organic Leander shapes at distance. It’s a sophistication of what we love. Making design that matters. Design that cares.
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